Town Clerk's Archival Collection
(Located in the Town of Onondaga archives)

For the purpose of this guide, all pertinent records were deemed to be archival and were therefore included. The quantities listed reflect cubic footage as of 1993.

3.1 Marriage Records, 1883-Present [RESTRICTED]
7.9 cu. ft.
These registers are maintained chronologically as people apply for marriage licenses. They list individuals' names, occupation, age, residence, maiden name of mother, father, and place of birth. Fifteen loose licenses "affidavits" (1908-21) are included. Ledgers (1899-1993) have alphabetical indexes listing the groom's County.
Finding Aid: Inventory
3.2 Burial Permits, 1888-Present [RESTRICTED]
3.5 cu. ft.
Contains records issued to permit burial within the Town of Onondaga. Also included are some transit permits for corpses issued by local health departments.
Finding Aid: Inventory
3.3 Chattel Mortgages, 1849-1913
0.3 cu. ft.
This ledger contains records of chattel mortgages filed at the Town Hall. Information in entries includes names of mortgagor and mortgagee, date, amount borrowed, when due, and when filed.
Finding Aid: Contains an index to the first letters of Countys.
3.4 Highways, 1813-[19701]
1. 7 cu. ft.
These ledgers were maintained by the Commissioners of Highways. Books "A-C" (1798-1830) describe in detail the boundaries and span of streets in the Town. Book "A" contains an index to the set. Highway descriptions (1813-1847) describes highway districts and includes lot numbers. Also included are the Commissioners of Highways Account Books (1835-1904 and 1947-1948). Also in the series are warranty deeds and papers granting right of way to the Town (1893-1928) and deeds, franchise agreements and petitions for the construction of railroads (1895-1933). Railroad companies represented here include the New York State Railway, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR, Auburn Inter-Urban Electric RR Co., Syracuse Street and Rapid Transit RR Co., and the People's RR Co. of Syracuse. There is one folder containing street, roads and highway names (ca. 1970).
3.5 Election Records, 1896-1943
0.2 cu. ft.
Consists of a handwritten notice from 1896 announcing change in polling place; changes in election district boundaries (districts 1, 2, 5) ca. 1917; designation of election district boundaries in 1927-1, and, notices and notes compiled by Town Clerk Katherine Morey regarding polling 1936-1943.
3.6 Estray "Stray Animal" Book, 1887-1934; 1958
0.1 cu. ft.
This ledger contains information on the name of person locating stray animals, where animal can be found, description of stray and signatures. Entry in 1958 concerns a break-in at the Town Hall.
3.7 Town Board Minutes, 1798-Present
12.1 cu. ft.
The first Town Board meeting is recorded in this series which contains 39 ledgers. The 1798-1833 ledger also contains a record of slave births (1815) and manumissions (1830). Also in this volume is found "Records of the Onondaga Commissioner of Schools" 1812-1833 which describes the formation and boundaries of school districts in the town. All t he minute books from 1834-1926 contain early town election results. From 1927-ca. 1970 town budgets are included. Each minute book from ca. 1930 contains an index.
Finding Aid. Inventory
3.8 Early Deed, Petitions, 1895
0.1 cu. ft.
Contains a deed between Reed/Stetler/Fellows parties from 1895 and undated petitions pertaining to an opposition to a Dance Hall in Onondaga Valley, against a Slaughterhouse in South Hollow and to deny erection of a hospital for consumptives.
Finding A id: Box List
3.9 Record of Still Births, 1913-1914 [RESTRICTED]
0. 2 cu. ft.
Six entries on New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistic forms.
3.10 School District Records, 1818-1904
1.3 cu. ft.
Four ledgers record accounts (1818-1890), school taxes (1902), school officers (1891-1911), and minutes of school commissioner's meetings (1833-1904). Included also is a ledger recording collector's bonds for school districts (1888-1898) and some loose school district bonds (1902-1935). The 1818-1890 account ledger contains information on the number of children enrolled in each school district and monies appropriated to (i.e., teacher's wages). For other school district records refer to Town Board minute books.
3.11 Legal Claims, 1890-Present
1.0 cu. ft.
This series contains petitions served against the town by individuals or companies claiming damages for which the Town might be liable. Also included are petitions to the Town challenging assessment on property. Some claims relate to matters handled by the Board of Assessment or the Zoning Board of Appeals. Papers accompanying petitions or notice of claim include photographs, maps, correspondence, or engineer's reports. Arranged chronologically.
Finding aid: Box List
3.12 Incorporation of Granges, 1924-1951
1.0 cu. ft.
Articles of Incorporation for the following Granges in the Town of Onondaga: Onondaga Hill (1924), South Onondaga (1935), Excelsior (1951) are contained here.
3.13 Welfare Records, 1921-1942
0.2 cu. ft.
Includes receipts for food or rent submitted by welfare recipient (1921-1929) and reports for Town to County (1938-1942) concerning welfare matters. Grocery receipts from A.C. Makyes & Son and Thompson & Gilbert grocery stores.
3.14 Contract Documents & Bid Books, 1962-Present
6.5 cu. ft.
These bound reports are either requests for proposals from the Town for capital projects or community development projects and bids and/or signed contracts from construction or engineering firms. Arranged alphabetically by project title.
3.15 Ordinances/Town Law, 1904; 1938-Present
1.5 cu. ft.
Two volumes of Ordinances (1938-present) outline local ordinances adopted by the Town Board. Three volumes of Local Laws (1966-present) list established local laws on forms filed with the Secretary of State. One folder contains an ordinance delineating the licensing regulations of Public Amusements in 1904. All volumes contain indexes.
3.16 Incorporation of Fire Districts, 1895; 1920-1974
1.0 cu. ft.
Consists of resolutions by the Town Board consenting to Incorporation of the following Fire Districts: Howlett Hill, Navarino, Nedrow, Onondaga Hill, Sentinel Heights, South Onondaga, Southwood and Taunton. Also included is Incorporation of the Elmwood Volunteer Fire Department in 1895.




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